SQLPage v0.23.0 documentation

If you are completely new to SQLPage, you should start by reading the get started tutorial, which will guide you through the process of creating your first SQLPage application.

Building an application with SQLPage is quite simple. To create a new web page, just create a new SQL file. For each SELECT statement that you write, the data it returns will be analyzed and rendered to the user. The two most important concepts in SQLPage are components and parameters.

To select a component and set its top-level properties, you write the following SQL statement:

SELECT 'component_name' AS component, 'my value' AS top_level_parameter_1;

Then, you can set its row-level parameters by writing a second SELECT statement:

SELECT my_column_1 AS row_level_parameter_1, my_column_2 AS row_level_parameter_2 FROM my_table;

This page documents all the components provided by default in SQLPage and their parameters. Use this as a reference when building your SQL application. If at any point you need help, you can ask for it on the SQLPage forum.

If you know some HTML, you can also easily create your own components for your application.


The "breadcrumb" component

A secondary navigation aid that helps users understand their location on a website or mobile application.

Introduced in SQLPage v0.18.0.

Top-level parameters


class attribute added to the container in HTML. It can be used to apply custom styling to this item through css. Added in v0.18.0.


id attribute added to the container in HTML. It can be used to target this item through css or for scrolling to this item through links (use "#id" in link url).

Row-level parameters


REQUIRED. Hyperlink text to display.


Whether the link is active or not. Defaults to false.


Description of the link. This is displayed when the user hovers over the link.


Link to the page to display when the link is clicked. By default, the link refers to the current page, with a 'link' parameter set to the link's title.

Example 1

Basic usage of the breadcrumb component

    'breadcrumb' as component;
    'Home' as title,
    '/'    as link;
    'Components' as title;
    'Breadcrumb' as title;


Example 2

Description of a link and selection of the current page.

    'breadcrumb' as component;
    'Home' as title,
    '/'    as link,
    TRUE   as active;
    'Articles' as title,
    'blog.sql' as link,
    'Stay informed with the latest news' as description;
    'No code vs. Low Code' as title,
    '/blog.sql?post=SQLPage versus No-Code tools' as link;


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