Open-source low-code web application server.

Create full websites writing only simple database queries.

Build your first SQL website now !


You can teach yourself enough SQL to select, update, and insert data in a database through SQLPage in a weekend.


The page you are looking at right now is written entirely in SQL, using only professional looking pre-defined SQLPage components.


Pages load instantly, even on slow mobile networks. SQLPage is designed as a single lightweight executable, ensuring fast performance even on low-cost servers.

What is SQLPage ?

SQLPage transforms your SQL queries into stunning websites

SQLPage is a tool that allows you to build websites using nothing more than SQL queries. You write simple text files containing SQL queries, SQLPage runs them on your database, and renders the results as a website.

You can display the information you SELECT from your database in lists, tables, cards and other user interface widgets. But you can also INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE data from your database using SQLPage, and build a full webapp with Create, Read, Update, Delete functionality.

Pre-built components let you construct websites Quickly and Easily

At the core of SQLPage is a rich library of components. These components are built using traditional web technologies, but you never have to edit them if you don't want to. SQLPage populates the components with data returned by your SQL queries. You can build entire web applications just by combining the components that come bundled with SQLPage.

As an example, the list of features on this page is generated using a simple SQL query that looks like this:

SELECT 'card' as component, 'What is SQLPage ?' as title;
SELECT header AS title, contents AS description FROM homepage_features;

Additionnally, SQLPage itself is written in a fast and secure programming language: Rust. We made all the optimizations so that you can think about your data, and nothing else.

Technically, it's just a good old web server

The principles behind SQLPage are not too far from those that powered the early days of the internet. Like PHP, SQLPage just receives a request, finds the file to execute, runs it, and returns a response.

SQLPage is a web server written in rust and distributed as a single executable file. When it receives a request with a URL ending in .sql, it finds the corresponding SQL file, runs it on the database, passing it information from the web request as SQL statement parameters in a safe manner. When the database starts returning rows for the query, SQLPage maps each piece of information in the row to a parameter in the template of a pre-defined component, and streams the result back to the user's browser.

Start Simple, Scale to Advanced

SQLPage is a great starting point for building websites, especially if you're new to coding, or want to test out a new idea quickly. Then if the app becomes important, you can take the same underlying data structure and wrap it in a more established framework with a dedicated front end. And if it doesn't, you only spent a few hours on it! SQLPage does not impose any specific database structure, allowing for seamless integration with other tools and frameworks. SQLPage is a solid foundation for your website development, because it lets you focus on what matters at the beginning, without closing the door to future improvements.

Is SQLPage for you ?

SQLPage empowers SQL-savvy individuals to create dynamic websites without complex programming.

Compared to other low-code platforms, SQLPage focuses on SQL-driven development, more lightweight performance, and total openness. Where other platforms try to lock you in, SQLPage makes it trivial to switch to something else when your application grows.

Business Analyst

Replace static dashboards with dynamic websites

Data Scientist

Prototype and share data-driven experiments and analysis


Create dynamic landing pages and personalized campaigns


Build internal tools and admin panels with ease

Product Manager

Create interactive prototypes and mockups


Develop interactive learning materials and exercises


Create data-driven websites to share findings and insights

Startup Founder

Quickly build a Minimum Viable Product
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