Open-source low-code web application framework. Write full websites using only simple database queries.

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Pages load instantly, even on slow mobile networks, and whatever the size of your database.


Uses pre-defined components that look professional. The page you are looking at right now is built with SQLPage.


You can teach yourself enough SQL to select, update, and insert data in a database through SQLPage in a weekend.

Build SQL-only Websites !

Write database queries, nothing more

SQLPage is a tool that allows you to build websites using SQL queries. It empowers people who have access to databases but don't know programming to create beautiful dynamic websites. All SQL operations are supported, you can not only visualize database contents, but also UPDATE and INSERT data coming from your users.

Build Websites Quickly and Easily

SQLPage will let you create websites without the need to learn complex programming languages. Reuse your database querying skills to fill simple predefined components with data. SQLPage is written in a fast and secure programming language: Rust. We made all the optimizations so that you don't have to. Think about your data, and nothing else.

Iterate and Experiment with Ease

SQLPage allows you to iterate quickly on your database design without thinking too much about the rest. You will quickly find which components and layouts look good with your data. This flexibility helps you avoid costly mistakes: at the beginning of your project, you should be thinking about your data, and not agonize over technical micro-decisions in your frontend.

Start Simple, Scale to Advanced

SQLPage is a great starting point for building websites, especially if you're new to coding. As your needs grow, you can gradually transition to a full-featured programming languege while reusing the database structure and queries you wrote in SQLPage. SQLPage helps you transition smoothly while providing a solid foundation for your website.

Is SQLPage for you ?

SQLPage empowers SQL-savvy individuals to create dynamic websites without complex programming. It's for you if you want to build something simple yet dynamic quickly. It's not for you if you are a web designer, a front-end developer, or don't know what a database is.

Business Analyst

Replace static dashboards with dynamic websites

Data Scientist

Prototype and share data-driven experiments and analysis


Create dynamic landing pages and personalized campaigns


Build internal tools and admin panels with ease

Product Manager

Create interactive prototypes and mockups


Develop interactive learning materials and exercises


Create data-driven websites to share findings and insights

Startup Founder

Quickly build a Minimum Viable Product