Today is may day, and we are happy to announce that the SQLPage website has been updated with new contents.


The homepage has been updated to include prominent information about commonly asked questions, such as the security guarantees of SQLPage, and the performance of SQLPage applications.

Performance of SQLPage applications

We now have a detailled explanation of the performance of SQLPage applications on the website. It explains why and how SQLPage applications are often faster than equivalent applications written in other frameworks.


Since SQLPage v0.20.3, SQLPage can natively make requests to external HTTP APIs with the fetch function, which opens the door to many new possibilities.

An example of this is the SSO demo, which demonstrates how to use SQLPage to authenticate users on a website using a third-party authentication service, such as Google, Facebook, an enterprise identity provider using OIDC, or an academic institution using CAS.

New architecture diagram

The README of the SQLPage repository now includes a clear yet detailed architecture diagram.